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Pumping At Work: 9 Things No One Tells You

In my opinion, one of the hardest things about a new baby is pumping at work as a full-time working mom. It’s a huge commitment and can be an inconvenience at times. That being said, I always planned to nurse my kids so I never considered other options – it is what it is.

Not only is it a huge commitment, but it also brings a certain amount of stress and worry that I think only pumping moms understand. Am I producing enough? Will my baby have enough to eat tomorrow? Do I have enough saved up in the freezer? Constant. Worry. Continue Reading

Raising Kids Without A Village
Kids & Family

Raising Our Kids Without A Village

Fresh out of college, I accepted an internship position in Atlanta, GA so we packed everything we owned and moved to a tiny one-bedroom apartment just North of the city. We enjoyed our time in Atlanta; we were young and there was always something to do. At that point in our lives, it didn’t matter to us that our village, our support systems, lived in different states.

We married in 2012 and soon after learned we were pregnant with our first baby; that changed everything. We longed to be near our family and friends so we’d have a village to help us raise our new baby. We wanted our baby to experience the bond we shared with our grandparents when we were young. 

Continue Reading

Motherhood: Things I've learned since becoming a mom
Kids & Family

Motherhood: 15 Things I’ve Learned (So Far)

Before you become a mother, you have all these ideas in your head about what kind of mother you’ll be and what motherhood will be like. The truth is, nothing you do to prepare actually prepares you for motherhood.

Here are a few unconventional things I’ve learned (so far) along the way:

  1. First and foremost, learn to love coffee. Coffee is your friend.
  2. You can survive on less sleep than you thought. You just get used to it, plus coffee. 🙂  Continue Reading