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DIY: Repurpose Your Glass Vases

We moved into our first home about a year ago and let’s just say, I’ve been very slow to decorate. Why you ask? Because I can’t make a decision to save my life. One of the first things we did to the house was paint the basement white to brighten up the space. We painted everything — the walls, wainscoting, doors, shelves, and all of the trim. And, we’re still not finished. What did I learn? I never want to paint wainscoting or trim again.

I digress. Decorating the basement has been a daunting task. I think it’s because my husband insists the decor be Ohio State Buckeyes theme, and I hate red. Love the Buckeyes, hate the color red, so I haven’t been overly excited to get things finished up.

In this freshly painted white basement, there’s a shelf that runs the length of one of the walls. Since we moved in, this shelf has contained a very “manly” collection of Ohio State memorabilia. When I saw this idea for repurposing vases from Sugar & Charm, I thought it would be a great, cost-effective way to add to the decor, while keeping the theme. I already had a handful of extra vases lying around!

repurpose glass vases


  1. Extra vases in the size and shape of your choosing
  2. Paints, I used acrylic and chalkboard but just about any paint should work
  3. Paint brushes
  4. Paper plates or napkins for drying


  1. Clean the vases thoroughly, with hot soapy water and ensure they dry completely before moving on.
  2. Choose your colors. I chose a basic red acrylic paint and a gray chalkboard paint. I didn’t plan on buying two different types of paints, but I couldn’t find a large bottle of gray acrylic paint.
  3. Depending on the type of paint you choose, you can either paint the inside of the vases with a paint brush (best for thicker paints, like the red acrylic) or you can squirt the paint in the vase and rotate it around until you get it completely coated (worked well with the runnier, chalkboard paint).
  4. Turn your vases upside down to let the excess paint drip out. This didn’t work so well with the acrylic paint, but it worked great with the chalkboard paint.
  5. Use a wet paper towel to wipe around the rim of the vases.
  6. Let them dry overnight. I did have to go back over my vases with a second coat, so you’ll have to examine yours to see how yours turn out.


repurpose glass vases

Here’s the final product! I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Thanks for visiting!

xoxo Sarah

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